“Who Will Lead the Global Church in 2118”

“Who Will Lead the Global Church in 2118”

I want to recommend an article by a colleague, Dr Joost Nixon. Joost serves with Training Leaders International and has co-labored with us both as a professor and as an academic/school planting adviser.

Here is an excerpt:

“Biblical and theological training in these places around the world [Asia, Africa, Latin America] is in a desperate state. Evangelism has far outpaced discipleship. The pastors of this growing church give everything they have for her, but they do not have much. 85% have no formal biblical or theological training. The babies are squalling, but the breasts are dry. In place of milk, national pastors grab whatever is at hand to placate the little ones. Unfortunately, there are two things you can find anywhere on this globe: Coca-Cola and the prosperity gospel.

Say what you will about Coke, the prosperity gospel is sweet on the tongue, but poison in the tummy. And infants are never terribly discerning — especially when starving. As a result, malnutrition and illness threaten new believers in the global church. We should exult over the growth of the global church, and yet we should also be alarmed at her fragility. Ultimately, the task of training new leaders belongs to the local church. But the global church is simply swamped — and in need of help.”

You can read the full article at: https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/who-will-lead-the-global-church-in-2118


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Jeremiah is the Director of the Pastors School of First Baptist Church of Atibaia in Brazil. He is married to Ana Karlina (2006) and they have one daughter, Manuela.

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